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 Since becoming part of DHS, the Coast Guard has had to be even more equipped for more enemies, and more challenges.  The world we live in since 9/11 requires so much more security and protection even on our own soil.  Thankfully, we have the protection of the Coast Guard.  

We salute the elite group of swimmers, who must in in such great physical shape just to join the program, an honor in itself.

We salute our entire Coast Guard for being a multi-mission, maritime force for 227 years. 


It is our honor to be the military medals store for the United States Coast Guard.  Dorothys Military presents our first Coast Guard News.  Semper Paratus 

The United States Coast Guard is called to rescue during peacetime and war, at home and abroad, for any The United States Coast Guard is called to rescue at home and abroad during peacetime, war, and for any emergency lifesaving at sea.  The unsung heroes in so many missions, our soldiers put their lives at risk in many situations against the elements, enemies, and the unknown.  

 With more water activity in the summer, our service members are busy.  Here are four missions from today's headlines.   

In South Carolina, a bachelor party boat ran aground a sandbar, and the always readay Coast Guard was there by helicopter to save theboaters from being stranded.  Check out the video.

Florida's west coast rescuers saved two stabbing victims off a commercial vessel.  The suspect was detained, and the two victims were rushed to the local hospital.  Read more about the rescue.

We are secured by our Coast Guard even for our own voyages.  A kayak was drifting off the coast of Cape Cod, and thankfully, the owner was safe and sound.  Read more.

The difficult job of recovery could be done by no other service.  Sadly, this was the case in Florida.  View.



Throughout its history the Coast Guard's law enforcement responsibilities have primarily been threefold.  First, is to ensure that the tariffs are not avoided. Second, to protect shipping from pirates and any other unlawful interdiction.  Third, to intercept material and human contraband.

Law enforcement was the first purpose of the Coast Guard.  

In 1789, the first Congress under the Constitution imposed tariffs upon merchants, as the need for money was urgent. Trade revenue was needed for our new nation to survive.  This was a bold move, since it was a main conflict, starting the Revolutionary War.    Smuggling became a patriotic duty during colonial times & the war. Smugglers were even admired for being able to avoid England's trade laws.  So, this had to be handled the right way for a new time and a new nation.

A fleet of ten was created by Congress to enforce these laws.  

EDIT THIS SECTION!!!The United States Coast Guard is this nation's oldest and its premier maritime agency.  The history of the Service is very complicated because it is the amalgamation of five Federal agencies.  These agencies, the Revenue Cutter Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Steamboat Inspection Service, the Bureau of Navigation, and the Lifesaving Service, were originally independent, but had overlapping authorities and were shuffled around the government.  They sometimes received new names, and they were all finally united under the umbrella of the Coast Guard.  The multiple missions and responsibilities of the modern Service are directly tied to this diverse heritage and the magnificent achievements of all of these agencies.

The Coast Guard Medal is awarded to a service member who performed a voluntary act of heroism i the face of great personal danger, which stands out above normal expectations. Performing such acts of heroism, in such magnitude, while not involving conflict with an enemy garnishes the Coast Guard Medal.

The medal has been awarded to service members since 1958. The first recipients were awarded for attempting to rescue workers trapped in a water tunnel in Oswego, NY.

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