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Meritorious Service Miniature Medal (Marine Corps)

The Meritorious Service Miniaure Medal is awarded for meritorious service or achievement that is non-combat.  It is given for retirement, recognition, and/or end of tour for enlisted personnel.


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Meritorious Service Miniature Medal (Marine Corps)


Authorized on January 16, 1969 the Meritorious Service Medal evolved from an initial recommendation in 1918 by General John J. Pershing, the Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. He suggested that an award for meritorious service be created to provide special recognition to deserving individuals by the U.S. government. Although the request by General Pershing was disapproved, it was revisited several more times during World War II and afterwards. During the Vietnam War the proposal to create the medal received significant attention and was eventually approved when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the executive order on January 16, 1969