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What are Mounted Medals?

Independence Day Bunting
Independence Day Bunting

The Dorothys Military Medals website specializes in online purchases of mounted medals only.  We pride ourselves in building professional decoration to our soldiers and veterans for their uniforms.  Mounted medals and ribbons are the most honorable part of any solder's uniform, and we commend all service members for each of their awards.

When medals are mounted, they are built on a rack and ready to place on uniforms.  (If you require medals without mounting, you will have to make a special request (or make an instore pickup at our location in Oceanside, CA)

Our family run store has specific staff members that focus only on mounting medals, so that you will not only get the highest quality medals, but also the best built racks available.  There is a noticeable difference between professionally mounted medals and attempts to do it yourself.  You deserve to be very proud and satisfied in the way that your medals are displayed.

Medals are mounted in order of rank, and easy to be displayed on the uniform they are intended.  (If you are not a soldier and only want military medals for souvenirs, gifts, or other purposes, you would not want them to be mounted) 

In addition to the medals, when they are mounted, or placed on a custom rack, the devices earned by the soldier will be part of the rack.  So if there have been additional tasks, services, or any other notable performance done by the military service member, they may be awarded certain stars, oak leaves, numerals or other devices.  Each one of these devices holds it's own prestige from what has been accomplished.

We are forever grateful to our military for the sacrifices that they give to protect our freedom, and are honored to be able to provide these earned decorations in a professional way.

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